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IMMACULATE 55 offers a wide variety of services, all centered around the maintenance and cleaning of your boat. Not only do we make it look good, but we also provide constant maintenance to ensure your boat has a long life.

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We proudly provide maintenance and cleaning services for the boats of National Park Service and the island packers

We are a family business that strives every day to move the company forward. We are proud to say that our company has grown based on recommendations, and thanks to the great work of our employees, we have managed to establish ourselves as leaders in the Ventura and Oxnard area.

Serving Ventura and Oxnard


Family owned business

The importance of using spot-free water when cleaning yachts and boats

Preventing Water Spots: Spot-free water, typically deionized or distilled, lacks minerals and impurities that cause water spots when the water evaporates. These spots can be unsightly and difficult to remove from the surfaces of yachts and boats.

Overall, using spot-free water when cleaning yachts and boats helps maintain their appearance, protects their surfaces, and makes the cleaning process easier and more effective.

When you hire the services of Immaculate, you won't have to worry about the materials we use for the care of your boat, as we only use the best products on the market to keep your boat in optimal condition.

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Over 500 boats under our responsibility in Ventura and Oxnard, California.

Continuous supervision of your boat to ensure everything is in optimal condition

From 88-foot yachts to 18-foot boats

Video service report

for underwater service

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Carlos and the crew is absolutely amazing and do a fabulous job aboard the yachts. We have immaculate cleaning all the boats we take care of everything we need

Colton D.

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Are you planning on sell your boat?

Are you interested in selling your boat? We make your boat look like new and point you in the right direction.

We work with the best brokers.

Give us a call to schedule your service!

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Always happy to serve you!

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