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Video Service


Having a video service report for your underwater boat cleaning provides several significant benefits:

  1. Visual Documentation: A video report offers visual documentation of the condition of your boat's hull and underwater components before and after cleaning. This allows you to see any areas of concern, such as fouling or damage, and track the effectiveness of the cleaning process over time.

  2. Accurate Assessment: With a video report, you can accurately assess the extent of marine growth, debris buildup, or damage on your boat's hull and underwater surfaces. This helps you make informed decisions about maintenance and repair needs.

  3. Transparency and Trust: Providing a video report to boat owners fosters transparency and builds trust between the service provider and the client. It demonstrates a commitment to quality service and ensures that the work performed meets expectations.

  4. Identification of Issues: A video report can help identify hidden issues or potential problems with your boat's hull or underwater gear that may not be immediately apparent. This early detection allows for timely intervention and prevents more significant issues from developing.

  5. Communication Tool: Video reports serve as an effective communication tool between boat owners and service providers. They facilitate discussions about the condition of the boat and any recommended maintenance or repair work, ensuring that everyone is on the same page.

  6. Record Keeping: Video reports serve as valuable records for future reference. They provide a visual history of the condition of your boat's hull and underwater components, which can be useful for insurance claims, resale purposes, or ongoing maintenance planning.

Overall, a video service report for your underwater boat cleaning enhances the quality of service, promotes transparency and trust, facilitates accurate assessment and communication, and serves as a valuable record for future reference.

Pay full year
1 video report and 1 underwater cleaning.

The prices for the video report service can range from $60 to $120.

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