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Dive Service

Immaculate 55 Dive Service offers a monthly bottom cleaning service which is how we can offer the best service and care to your boat while monitoring your zincs and thru-holes. We offer underwater condition video of your boat for new customers or at your request. We can offer cleaning services in 3 week periods if that is more appropriate for your needs. We also offer Day Of services for a premium fee, call for an estimate. 


Immaculate 55 Dive Svc does not provide dive service in 6 week periods since in the six week period several things can happen as zincs can fail, the thru-holes can be clogged, the same sponges cannot be used from normal cleanings since the accumulation of coral and dirt would be so brought we have to use more ruff sponges that can cause damage as well. We do offer one-time cleaning at a premium but typically encourage our clients to have scheduled cleanings to protect their investments. 


When we add a new account, some boat bottoms can be in really poor condition that is why the first cleaning will cost a premium depending on condition. We recommend boaters schedule 3 weeks of underwater cleaning during the summer as the sunlight and heat in the water encourage growth.  Although we always strive for perfection in our work, it is not always possible to leave a boat at 100 percent but we guarantee that we will always give the best service and if you feel we did not give you the best service please let us know so we can remedy this immediately. 

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