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My    Story

     My name is Carlos Ruelas and I am the founder of Immaculate 55 Dive Service. I am a family man with two children and proud to say that I am now working with my oldest son showing him the ropes (sometimes literally). I work to provide the best life I can for them.

     I have worked in the marine industry for the past 16 years for dive companies and known local businesses such as the Ventura Harbor Boat Yard. Over the years I have learned the skills of the trade to maintain boats in the best possible condition. Satisfied customers and excellent work keep me motivated to keep working harder.

     I am happy to say that the majority of our growth has been from customer referrals, I know my customers (and their boats) and they know me. Customer feedback means so much to me that when asked for a video report, I incorporated it into my business practice and still offer that service to all customers.

     To all of the people who gave me my first shot at cleaning their boat to my newest customers, thank you for your continued support and if you need any work done please reach out and I will try my best to accommodate you.

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