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Boat polish

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Waxing your boat is essential to maintaining the color, shine, and integrity of a gel coat finish. Marine waxes are very durable in order to stand up salt water, algae, and the sun. Boat wax also makes regular cleaning easier and can make it harder for grime to stick to waxed surfaces. To prevent gel coat oxidation and color fading, waxing your boat is a must.  Normally if you've followed a multiple step process starting with either a dedicated compound and cleaner/polish or just a cleaner/polish, then you would apply a non-cleaning wax. In this case, you no longer need the cleaning power but instead want maximum protection.

Some of the other benefits of waxing your boat include:

  • Protecting your boat’s surface from the sun’s UV rays.

  • Increases the durability of your boat’s paint.

  • Adding depth and shine to your boat’s paint job.

  • Protecting your boat’s surface by sealing it off from dirt.

  • Protecting your boat’s gelcoat.

  • Prevents oxidization from degrading the glossy finish

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