Boat Wash

Boat Cleaner

What are some of the benefits of getting your boat or yacht professionally cleaned?

1. It will keep your boat looking great!

2. It will help your boat maintain value

3. It will help to find damage early, so you can fix it before it gets worse

Why We Recommend Cleaning

What Happens if You Don't Clean Your Boat?

-Leaving salt on your boat can cause chaulking and pitting

(even if you don't go out on open water, salt in the air can collect on your deck over time)

-Crystals from the salt scratch and cause abrasions to your boat's Gelcoat/paint job/woodwork.

-Bird dropping are acidic and can break down your paint if left to sit for too long

-Rusting metals if not properly taken care of.

-Dried out wood if not properly conditioned

-Waxing does not restore your boats showroom look but also adds to the life of the gel and paint work.